Friday, June 3, 2011

Survival Prep Number One: Health and Physical Fitness

In The Survivalist and Prepping Movement there is often a major focus on equipment like Bug Out Bags, FlashlightsSurvival Knives, Firearms, Pocket Survival Kits, Every Day Carry and Get Home Bags. One field that is often overlooked in the discussion is the subject of Health and Physical Fitness.

In almost all wealthy nations and in many poor nations as well the population often suffer more problems from eating too much and a lack of exercise than they do from Famine and Starvation. Common types of problem related to this problem are overweight, diabetes and heart disease. Exercise is important for a number of different reasons; it reduces stress, burn calories and improves your physical fitness.

Having good health is not only a critical aspect that can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Being able to drag a wounded person to safety or walk that extra mile to safety can be make the difference between making it and don’t. Health and fitness it is also a vital part for living a good life and can increase the time that you will live and your quality of life. If you don’t exercise on a regular basis I suggest that you find a type of activity that you like and start exercising three times a week. Also make regular check-ups at a doctor.

Dental Health
Having bad teeth can be a great discomfort in your everyday life. During a survival situation your teeth is a great tool as long as they are not damaged or broken.

Take care of your teeth; brush them two times a day and remember to exchange your toothbrush with regular intervals. An electrical tooth brush can make it easier to clean parts of clean teeth that can be hard to reach with a regular tooth brush. Also make a habit of using dental floss; Plackers and other types of dental floss makes it easier to use dental floss, if you haven’t tried them I suggest that you do. There are also different types of fluoride solutions that can be a great complement to dental floss. Avoiding eating sweets does not only reduce overweight, it also helps keeping your teeth in a good condition. If you have problems with your teeth you should always visit a professional dentist to let them help you with whatever problems you might have. Make regular checkup so that potential problem can be identified in an early stage, if you do not deal with these kinds of problems in an early stage. For emergency situations there are special medical kits from a number of companies like Lifesystems.

There are many types of disease that can be easily prevented by getting an immunization. In most countries some basic types of immunization is given the entire population but it can be a good idea to get some extra. Some of the immunizations that can be worth considering:

Tuberculoses (TB) is a disease that is very hard to treat if one gets infected by it, it normally requires the treatment with multiple types of antibiotics for a period of around six months and there are some strains of TB that are even more resistant to antibiotics. The immunization does not offer complete immunity but reduces the chance of contracting the disease.

Hepatitis A and B are liver infections can be prevented by getting an immunization. Hepatisis B is one of the most common causes of liver cancer and the virus is highly contagious, up to 100 times more contagious than the HIV virus. The most common way to contract the virus is through sexual contacts, children how contract from their mothers and intravenous use of drugs. There is currently no immunization against Hepatitis C.

Tetanus is a dangerous disease with a high mortality rate that can be prevented by an immunization; the immunization must be repeated with a regular interval in order to be effective. A booster can be a good if it was more than ten years ago since you got your last shot.

There are a number of other immunizations that can provide protection against regional diseases. Always consult your doctor before getting an immunization and ask for a recommendation.

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