I’m a man around thirty year of age the lives in the northern part of Scandinavia. I have always been interested in hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, outdoors activities and survival. I’m currently studying for my master degree in political science. In my Blog I try to combine the best from my interest in survival with the perspectives I have gained through my studies. It’s my hope that by using this perspective I can add something to new to field of survival and crisis preparedness. The name that I have chosen for my alias is a name game for Westphalia, or more exactly the Peace of Westphalia 1648 that marked the end of the Thirty Years War. This peace marks the beginning of the modern international system with sovereign states for many scholars.

The name of the blog Sibi Totique is Latin and can be translated to “For Himself and Everyone”. This motto was used by Benedict Arnold for a store that he used to own. Arnold was a central figure during the American Revolution. In the beginning of the revolution Benedict played a very central part in the struggle for independence only to later betray the cause that he initially fought for. Had Arnold died when he was wounded in the Battle for Saratoga he would most likely have been remembered as one of the greatest patriots in American history, but instead he is now forever remembered as a traitor to the cause. For me Arnold represent both the best and the worst of human nature; Hero, Traitor and Patriot. An imperfect man that represents the best and worse in all of us, I do not agree with everything Arnold did but I do think that something can be learned from the motto Sibi Totique.

I initially started the Blog because of the lack of possibility to edit older posts on the Survivalist Boards. My goal with this blog is to take a deeper look at the threats and risks that exists in today’s world and present different perspectives and solutions for these problems. The information on the blog will always be free for those how would like to access it. If you would like to make a reference to any of the information on the blog I would like that you present where you have found this information. I hope that that the people how read this blog will be able to find some of the information useful and that you will gain some new perspectives and ideas. The Information on this page only represents my own opinion and not the opinion of anyone else. Suggestions for different subjects that you would like me to cover on the blog are always welcome. Feedback, good or bad is also welcome. I would also like to thank those how have been reading the blog and giving me feedback as well as the members of the Survivalist Boards from how I learned much new knowledge. During the end of November 2010 I organized the articles into The Free Online Survival Guide.

Contact Information

E-mail: contact.sibitotique@gmail.com