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Light Weight Bug Out Bag – Examples of Setups

This is two examples of suggestions for Setups based on the articles Light Weight Bug Out Bags. This is simply suggestions what kind of items and kits that you can use build your own kit; there are thousands of different items to choose from on the market. The idea is simply to give the reader some ideas that can be helpful when you put your own kit together.

Setup 1: Minimum Weight Light Weight Bug Out Bag
Total Weight: 9 Pounds

Backpack 1,355kg
[ ] Maxpedition Condor 2 – 1355g

Shelter 0,29kg
[ ] Lifesystems Survival Bag 290g

Survival Knife 0,13kg
[ ] Swiss Army Knife: Victorinox Forester One Hand 130g

Fire 0,064kg
[ ] BIC Lighter 14g
[ ] BCB Survival Matches 23g
[ ] 6 Cubes of WetFire (4,5g per Cube) 27g 1889

Light 0,048kg
[ ] Headlamp: Petzl e+LITE 48g

Pocket Survival Kit 0,12kg
[ ] Izula Gear Wallet E&E / Mini Survival Kit 120g

Water 1,487kg
[ ] Water Bottle: Klean Kanteen 1200ml (199g +1200g )1399g
[ ] Collapsible Water Bottle: Source Liquatainer 2 liter 38g
[ ] Water Purification Tablets – Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Tablets 50g

Food 0,31kg
[ ] 2 packs of Trekking Biscuits from Trekn Eat 200g
[ ] 2 Protein Bar 55g+55g 110g

Navigation 0,1kg
[ ] Citymap, Roadmap or Terrain Map 100g

Other Equipment 0,05kg
[ ] 25 feet Paracord 50g

Total Weight 4,004kg = 8,8 pounds

Summary: Setup 1
This represents an example of a minimum weight approach to a Light Weight Bug Out Bag. Emergency blankets can provide some protection against wind, rain and cold but cannot be compared to the combination of a tent, sleeping mattress and sleeping bag that both provide great protection against the elements, provides insulation from the ground and a warm sleeping bag. A survival bag is basically a sturdy bag in similar materials as an emergency blanket. Swiss Army Knives provides a number of different tools that can be useful during emergency situations and are relatively cheap as well. The Swiss Army knife in this setup; The Victorinox Forester is a larger Swiss Army Knife with locking blade, a saw, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver and some additional tools. This setup only contains one Water Bottle with a capacity of 1,2 liter but contains one extra bottle that can add 2 extra liter of water to the pack if necessary in order to keep the weight down but still the option of increasing the capacity to carry more water. The compact survival kit from ESEE contains two extra cutting tools, some basic medical supplies, cord, a fishing kit, button compass and an extra fire starter. For fire this setup contains one BIC lighter and some storm proof matches from BCB in combination with some WetFire Tinder from UST.

This Setup provides a very light weight setup with many of the tools that can be needed during a survival situation but lacks the ability to prepare warm meals and a comprehensive shelter. The Setup is very Light Weight and can be a useful model for those how don’t have to cope with a cold weather climate and want to keep the weight of the kit to an absolute minimum.

Setup 2: Comprehensive Light Weight Bug Out Bag
Total Weight: 18 Pounds

Backpack 1,655kg
[ ] Lundhag ARX 34 – 1655g

Shelter and Clothing 1,025kg
[ ] Fjellduk Pro 775g
[ ] Short Sleeve Merino Wool Base Layer 200g
[ ] Extra Pair of Socks 50g

Survival Knives 0,359kg
[ ] Fixed Blade Knife: ESEE-3 260g
[ ] Back-Up Knife: Wenger Evogrip S17 Swiss Army Knife 99g

Fire 0,111kg
[ ] BIC Lighter 14g
[ ] BCB Survival Matches 23g
[ ] Fire Steel: ESEE Firekit 40g
[ ] 8 Cubes of WetFire (4,5g per Cube) 34g

Light 0.108kg
[ ] Headlamp: ZebraLight H51Fw AA with Headband and one extra AA Battery (62g+23g+23g) 108g

Pocket Survival Kit 0,17kg
[ ] BCB Combat Survival Kit 170g – Modified: Exclude the cheap Fire Steel and Knife and include some Plasters, Disinfection Wipes, Pain Killers and Anti Diarrheal Tablets.

Water 3,501kg
[ ] Water Bottle: SIGG Wide Mouth 1 liter (145g+1000g) 1145g
[ ] Water Bladder: Camelback Antidote Reservoir 1,5 liter (400g+1500g) 1900g
[ ] Water Purification Filter: MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter 456g

Food 1,011kg
[ ] 3 Mountain House Freeze Dried Rations 330g
[ ] 1 Complete Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) 681g

Stove 0,124kg
[ ] Cooking Vessel: Esbit PT750TI 750ml Titanium Pot 106g
[ ] Optimus Titanium Folding Spork 18g

Navigation 0,1kg
[ ] City or Roadmap 100g

Hygiene 0,065kg
[ ] 50 ml Washing Up-Liquid in Small Bottle 65g

Other Items
[ ] Paracord, 50 feet 100g

Total Weight: 8,329 kg = 18,3 pounds

Summary: Setup 2
This Setup provides a more comprehensive approach to the Light Weight Bug Out Bag with the Fjellduk combination shelter that can be used both as a Poncho and Bivi-Bag and an extra pair of socks plus a short sleeve base layer shirt giving some options to change wet clothing during an emergency. The Fixed Blade Knife from ESEE in combination with the Swiss Army Knife from Wenger gives multiple options for constructing shelter and performing other tasks, the kit also contains multiple fire starts, a titanium cooking vessel, folding titanium spork, 3 freeze dried meals, one MRE, some washing up liquid that can be used both as soap and to clean cooking vessels and a comprehensive solution for hydration containing one water bottle, a small Water Bladder and a Water Purification Filter.

This Light Weight Setup is very close to the Light Weight Comprehensive Setup but without a Tarp, Sleeping bag, Sleeping Mattress, First Aid Kit, less clothing and items for hygiene.

When you put your Bug Out Bag together there are many factors that you have to take into consideration. What Equipment that you should choose for your setup depends on Multiple Factors like your physical fitness and how much you can carry, your terrain, your climate, your skills and experience and how long you may have to travel to reach safety. There is no setup that is perfect for all settings and all situations; there are pros and cons to every piece of equipment and setup and this must be balanced depending on what you want you’re BOB to perform.

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  1. I really like the idea of your Comprehensive LBOB. I am also planing on similar setup and have been thinking about Fjellduk for some time. But the price is quite high I think, or maybe not if it is so good?