Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Personal Goal Has Been Reached

When I started this blog over two years ago I did not have high expectations concerning the traffic it would attract. There are simply a whole lot of really good blogs and forums out there. The most successful blog in Sweden that I knew about at that time was Innan det Sker / Endast Sverige Svenska Preppers Har. This was the blog that I personally aimed to maybe match some day when it came to number of hits I could expect. From the time that I started writing the blog in October 2008 up until the end of 2010 the traffic levels was quite moderate. It was first when I started to organize the material that I written into The Free Online Guide that I started to notice a significant difference.

I am not sure if I have truly matched the hits of the blog that I was aiming for but believe that I am at least close. I am still a universe apart from the largest blogs on the web like James Wesley Rawles Survival Blog but for me this has been a relatively successful project and I am glad that some of the readers find the Guide useful. Other new Swedish Blogs have also emerged during this time like my favorite Swedish Blog Preppers. Other new Swedish blogs like the newly started blog also show great promise.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me to get to this point. A special thanks goes out to Kev and all the people at the Survivalist Boards that has given me the greatest support, especially during the early time of my efforts. I would also like to American Preppers Network (APN), all the other forums and all the reader that has told their friends about this blog through e-mail and Facebook. Thank You.

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