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Feedback, Critique, Question and Suggestions from the readers is more than welcome. The goal of the blog is to provide the best information possible and any suggestion for how this can be done is welcome. The recommendations for gear and different products are based on my own experience; I do not receive any economic compensation from any of the companies for recommending their products. The aim is simply to give the readers some suggestion for what products that can be found on the market, but these recommendations do not cover the entire market; there are thousands of different alternatives to be found.

I have used Ads from Google AdSence from the start mostly to keep track of the traffic on the site. My goal with the site is to provide the best advice, information and suggestions that I can, but if the site in a long term perspective would generate some income this would of course be considered as a positive side effect. If you want to place an ad on the blog or if you would like to get a product review send me an e-mail. Concerning the traffic on the blog; for anyone that’s interested I can present these numbers from the statistics provided by Google for Page Views Month by Month.

March - 18279
February - 21237
January - 15853

December - 15116
November - 12780
October – 11641
September – 11680
August – 17316
July – 13499
June – 14338
May – 17655
April – 14104
March – 15593
February – 8541
January – 9727

December – 7876
November - 1932


In the beginning of May 2011 Provisions America, LLC became the first sponsor of the blog.
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