Monday, January 31, 2011

Survival Related Blogs and Webpages

The Survivalist Boards
The Survivalist Boards is one of the biggest forums online for Survival and Self Sufficiency. The forum is organized into categories about general preparedness, man-made and natural disasters, wilderness survival, urban survival, financial preparedness, weapons of mass destruction and a number of other categories. On this forum you can find answers to most questions, the only disadvantage is that the size of the forum and high number of posts can make a little hard to navigate so make sure that you use the search function. The founder of the Survivalist Boards Kev also writes a blog called Survival Gear Review and Forum and also have a channel on YouTube.

American Preppers Network
The American Preppers Network (APN) was established in 2009. APN have a forum, chat rooms, articles and free E-books available on their site.

Survival Related Blogs
Club Orlov is blog that is written by Dmitry Orlov author of “Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects”. Orlov can also be seen on in the talk “Social Collapse Best Practices”.

Daily Survival is a blog that search web and publish articles written by other different writers.

Perkeles Blog is an interesting blog about Bushcraft, Survival, Outdoor activities and Knives.

Survival Blog is most likely the biggest blog about survivalism online written by James Wesley Rawles author of “Patriots: A Novel About Survival in The Coming Collapse” and “How To Survive The End Of The World As We know It”.

Surviving in Argentina is an interesting blog about life in Argentina after the 2001 economic crash.

The Survival Mom is written by Lisa Bedford with a focus on survival from a mother’s perspective.

Survival Tips and Tricks - A Daily Roundup up Useful News and Tips to Help You Be Prepared

Practical Survivor is an interesting blog that provides interesting information and guides like the Hobo Stove Guide and Emergency Toilet Guide.

CollapseNet is Michael Ruppert’s new site that was launched in 2010. Ruppert have also written the books “Crossing the Rubicon” and “Collapse”. The book “Collapse” was made into a movie in 2009. Ruppert has also written the newsletter “From The Wilderness”.

The Transition Network is a new project launched as response too issues like resources depletion and Peak Oil. The project has focus on sustainable development and how to help communities to make a transition towards a more self reliant system.

Equipped to Survive is Webpage by Doug Ritter were you can find product reviews and other many interesting articles like the Tarp Guide.

Animated Knots by Grog - Learn how to make knots for Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Fishing and many other situations.

A new page that lists the 50 top blogs about Survival has emerged called Survival Top 50. This is an excellent place to find other survival related blogs.

The Deliberate Homesteader

Economical Preparedness, Gold and Silver
Gold is Money - The Premier Gold and Silver Forum

WebPages for Research
The CIA World Fact Book presents up to date statistical information about the countries of the world.

GapMinder is a nonprofit web page launched by Hans Rosling. The Webpage presents the change in countries over time based on statistical information. The goal of the project is to show how the state of the world really is and break old myths. Rosling has used this platform on TED in Talks “The best stats you’ve ever seen”, “New Insights on Poverty” and “Global Population Growth”.

Freedom House is an American Organization devoted to democracy and Freedom. The Organizations rate all countries in the World based on the Political Rights and Civil Rights of the country. The Organization present this information very year in the report “Freedom in the World”, this makes it easy to go back and track change within a country. The site can be a great tool for research before you go to another country.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an American Agency with the mission to help improve the disaster preparedness in America. The Agency has around 4.000 employees and interacts with other organizations and agencies. is a WebPage launched by the FEMA as part of the Ready Campaign in order to help citizens and businesses to be prepared for disaster scenarios. On this site you can find guides for making plans and suggestions for evacuation kits.

TED is page where you can find Talks from many of the leading researchers within different field and watch them online through a YouTube like videos.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) is Webpage where you find information about natural disasters and many other fields. The organization also has very large database if you want to research previous natural disasters and events.

Los Angeles Fire Department – Emergency Preparedness Guide
Peak Oil
The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) is a Webpage that provides information from different researchers within the Peak Oil movement.

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