Wednesday, January 19, 2011

List of Survival Related Documentaries and Videos

There are many documentaries directly or indirectly related to the subject of survival and crisis preparedness. In this post I will list some of my personal favorites with a little information about movie or documentary. All of the videos from TED can be streamed for free; this is one of my favorite WebPages were you can find a number of interesting talks with many of the leading scientists and researchers from different fields.

2210 The Collapse?” by National Geographic based on the book by Jared Diamond. Also includes a number of different researchers like Joseph Tainter and Dan Gilbert. I also recommend the “Guns, Germs and Steel” National Geographic documentary based on the book by Jared Diamond, it has basically the reverse approach to Collapse and focuses on how human societies have developed.

Home”, 2009 documentary by Yann Arthus-Bernard. Peak Oil, Resource Depletion, The Population Explosion and Global Warming. The movie is available for free online through YouTube. One of my favorite documentaries.

Michael Rupperts “Collapse”. Based on the book with the same name; Peak Oil, The Economic Situation and The Population Explosion.

Blind Spot” 2008 documentary about Peak Oil with a number of different researchers like Joseph Tainter, Richard Heinberg and Kenneth Deffeyes.

After Armageddon” from the History Channel. Fictional documentary about a Collapse after a major epidemic; includes a number of different researchers like Joseph Tainter.

A Crude Awaking”, 2006 Peak Oil Documentary featuring Matthew Simmons and Colin Campbell.

The End of Suburbia” 2004 Documentary about Peak Oil and Sustainable Development with Michael Ruppert, Matthew Simmons, Richard Heinberg, James Howard Kunstler and many more.

"The Joy of Stats" is a one hour long documentary about Statistics and Development by Hans Rosling from 2010. The documentary can be seen for free on the Gapminder homepage.

"Crash Course" by Chris Martensson is a series of documentary videos about the Economy, Energy, Peak Oil and Climate Change. 3 Hours and 20 min in total.

"Into Eternity" – 2010 Documentary by Michael Madsen about nuclear power and the process of finding sustainable safe solutions for nuclear waste.

National Geographic – "Doomsday Preppers". A documentary about four families and their efforts to prepare themselves for potential large scale disasters. The family of Lisa Bedford how writes the blog The Survival Mom is one of the families that participate.

"The Collapse of Complex Societies" by Joseph Tainter

TED Talks
Why Are We Happy” by Dan Gilbert, 2004

The Walk from Yes to No” by William Ury, 2010

"Global Power Shifts" by Joseph Nye, 2010

How People becomes monsters… or heroes” by Philip Zimbardo, 2008
"A healthy take on time" by Philip Zimbardo, 2009

Why Societies Collapse” by Jared Diamond, 2003

"The Best Stats You´ve ever Seen" by Hans Rosling, 2006
"New Insights on Poverty" by Hans Rosling, 2007
"Global Population Growth" by Hans Rosling, 2010
"The Magic of Washing Machine" by Hans Rosling, 2011

"The Security Mirage" by Bruce Schneier, 2010

"The Earth is Full" by Paul Gilding, 2012

"Why I must speak about Climate Change" by James Hansen, 2012

Lawrence Rice: "Energy and National Security"
Jeff Rubin: "Oil and the End of Globalization"
Dr. James Schlesinger: "The Peak Oil Debate is Over"
Bianca Jagger: "Beyond Petroleum: What Are The Options?"
Ralph Nader: "Energy and Policy"
Nassim Nicholas Taleb - "A Crazier Future"
Dmitry Orlov - “Social Collapse Best Practices
Tom Murphy - "Growth Has an Expiration Date"

Media Reports
ABC News - "The Survivalists"
ABC News - "Surviving Economic Armageddon"
ABC News - "Suburban Survivalists: I Just Want To Be Prepared"
Newsweek - "Survivalism Lite"
Evan Allen - "We Stand at Armageddon"

National Geographic - "Doomsday Preppers"
Discovery Channel - "Doomsday Bunkers"

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