Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Survivalist Boards Giveaway – Count Me In!

This month The Survivalist Boards have a giveaway called “Count Me In” where you can win some Free Survival Equipment. The Survivalist Boards was founded by Kev how also written the “Survival Gear Reviews and Forum” Blog. SB is most likely the largest forum on the web about Survivalism and Prepping.

The Blog has been doing well since I put The Free Online Survival Guide together and I would like to thank some of the blogs that have helped me and published some of my articles. A special thanks of course goes out to Kev and SB, but I would also like thank American Preppers Network (APN), Bug Out Bag Quest, Survival Top 50 and the Swedish Blog “Preppers”. I also thank all the readers that have recommended the blog to your friends on Forums, Facebook and E-mail.

Survivalism and Prepping seems to be an increasing trend internationally and its great being able to provide whatever assistance that I can to those how are looking for information. I wish all the actors the best of luck and hope that more people will come together and expand the base of knowledge even further.
Sibi Totique

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