Thursday, February 3, 2011

Survival Top 50

A new site that lists the Top 50 Survival Blogs has emerged called Survival Top 50. Not surprisingly James Wesley Rawles “Survival Blog” ranks number one. Other sites like The American Preppers Network (APN) also ranks high and comes in at 4th place, The Survival Mom at 16th place and Daily Survival and 17th place. The list does not seem to be complete yet but seems like a great place both for ranking and finding the different survival blogs on the net.

The Blog list does not includes forums and other sites and it would be interesting to see what other sites like the Survivalist Boards that ranks highest in this category. I personally hope that Top 50 Survival will continue to develop the site to include other sites like forums and survival related documentaries. It would also be interesting to see a similar listing for different countries since the Survival / Prepper movement seem to be expanding worldwide.

In Scandinavia a new blog written called “Preppers” show great promise. The blog is written in Swedish and have a broad focus over different survival related subjects. The blog also give news about what deals that can be found for survival related products. Preppers is a great complement to other Swedish blogs like Blott Sverige Svenska Preppers Har”. For more survival related information for the Scandinavian context check out the article: For Swedish Survivalists.

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