Monday, March 1, 2010

The Survivalist Boards

I would like to take the opportunity to recommend the forum The Survivalist Boards (SB). This forum is most likely the largest survivalist and preparedness forum on the web with thousands of members from all over the world with the motto “Endure, Adapt, Overcome” . The Forum contains threads about most survival related topics, advice and reviews on equipment and many other topics. The Forum is organized in different categories with General Information, Man-Made and Natural Disasters, Wilderness Survival, Urban Survival, Financial Information, Farming, Health and Firearms. The forum also has special sections for women, general discussions and jokes. The Forum recently introduced the “The Dark Side” where very few restrictions for language and content, a section disliked by some and loved by others. There is information on SB that would interest most people how are interested in survival and crisis preparedness, the only down part is that it can be hard to find the relevant post and threads when much information tend to be flooded in the large amount of posts and threads. Kev the founder of SB also has a channel on You Tube  and a Blog  where he present reviews on survival equipment and survival advice.

This month Survivalist Boards is holding a competition with Safecastle Royal Buyers Club  for its American and Canadian members. The value of the products is around 6000 dollars and the prices ranges from water purification filters to books, emergency ration, knives, solar chargers and grain mills. Safecastle is one of many stores that have started to specialize in selling equipment for survival and crisis situations, other stores is for example Red Barn and The Ready Store. This seems to be a rapidly increasing market where many high quality items can be found. The internet stores often provide low prices, however I recommend that you look for reviews on equipment and if possible check it out at a regular store before you make your purchases.

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