Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Collapse Movie and Recommended Links

As I written in a previous post an upcoming theme will be about the collapse of civilizations. A new movie called “Collapse” has recently been released. This movie is based on the book “Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World“by Michael Ruppert. This movie has a rather dark perspective but I think that some of the perspectives are really interesting. I still recommended the movie but I recommend that the viewers don’t just accept all the information from the movie as fact. Ruppert also writes the blog

The upcoming post will be take a view from a more academic perspective based on the theories presented by Jared Diamond in the book “Collapse: How Societies choose to Succeed or Fail” and Joseph Tainters book “The Collapse of Complex Societies”.

I have a number of links that I recommend. The CIA World Fact Book is a good sources for people how would like to find statistics about countries. You can also find facts from previous years by searching for The CIA World Fact Book and that year in a search engine. At the homepage of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) you can find information about ongoing crisis situations and advice for crisis preparedness. Freedomhouse is another webpage that rates countries and how Free these countries are, you can also find information from previous years on the homepage. Gapminder is a page that in graphics shows how different countries have evolved through history. TED offers free online lectures from some of the most brilliant people in the world. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) offers large amount of information about natural disasters and is also an excellent source to research historical events.

Equipped to Survive is a site by Doug Ritter that offers some good reviews on Survival Equipment. I personally prefer tents as a solution over tarps, but tarps is a very cheap solution compared to a high quality 4 season tent. For those how are interested in tarps there is a great guide for how to build Tarp Shelters on Equipped to Survive.

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