The Free Online Survival Guide

Welcome to The Free Online Survival Guide!

The Guide is a collection of articles related to survival and crisis preparedness. The Guide is intended to be a free online resource where you can find answers to questions that is commonly asked by those how are trying to prepare for crisis and survival situations.

     In the First part of the Guide you can find some basic suggest for how to start developing your own capacity to deal with crisis and survival situations, risks assessments, what you may expect from the media, how you can get shelter and stay warm, what sources of light you can use and how you can get training related to survival.
      The Second part of the Guide goes through water and food storage. You can find suggestions for what staples to choose, historical examples of famine and starvation, ways to prepare food during an emergency and means of purifying water.
      In the Third part of the Guide you can read about evacuation and what steps you can take to prepare for this type of events. Here you can read about different type of Bug Out Bags, what you should think about if you leave with a group.
      In the Fourth part of the Guide you can read about equipment that can be useful during survival situations. Here you can find checklists for with suggestions for what equipment you can store in your home, guides for Pocket Survival Kits and Get Home Bags, what equipment you can use to build fires, Survival Knives and Every Day Carry.
      In the Fifth part you can read about human conflict and modern civil wars, the problematic process of restoring order in collapsed states and the new trend with Private Military Companies and Private Security Companies.
      In the Sixth part of the Guide you read about the most devastating type of weapons that have ever been developed: Weapons of Mass Destruction. The chapter is divided into three sections: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons.
      In the Seventh chapter you can read about the collapse of civilizations, what research that exists in the field and what theories that have been presented.
      In chapter number Eight the theories concerning Peak Oil and The Limit to Growths are presented along with the researchers and writers that are active within the field.
      In the Ninth chapter you can find information about Natural Disasters like Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes.
      In the tenth chapter you can find information about the Psychology surrounding survival, common reaction and how you can overcome these obstacles.
      The Eleventh chapter is specifically written for those who live in Scandinavia, here you can find information about stores, blogs, web pages and books that is not available in English.
      The Twelfth Chapter contains links and recommendations for books, videos, documentaries, WebPages forums and blogs that are related to survival.

The Free Online Survival Guide
Chapter One
1.) The Westfalian Risk Management Model
2.) Get The Ability To Cope With a Crisis Situation
3.) Risk Assessments
4.) Analyzing Risks
5.) The Media in a Crisis or Survival Situation
6.) Gathering Information During a Crisis or Survival Situation: HumInt and Interviews
7.) How You Can Reduce Your Own Vulnerability
8.) Travelling With Vehicles During a Crisis or Survival Situation.
9.) Travel Safety and Travel Safety Kits
10.) Staying Warm During a Survival or Crisis Situation
11.) Light during Emergencies and Survival situations
12.) Survival Training
13.) Responding to an Emerging Crisis

Chapter Two – Water and Food
1.) Water
2.) Food and Starvation

Chapter Three – Bugging Out
Introduction to Evacuation and Bug Out Bags
1.) Building The Right Bug Out Bag For You
2.) The Bug Out Plan
3.) Bug Out Guide and Checklist
4.) Light Weight Bug Out Bags
5.) Bugging Out as a Group
6.) Bugging Out Using Bikes
7.) Building a Bug Out Bag on a Budget
8.) Bug Out Bag - Example of a Setup
9.) Light Weight Bug Out Bags - Examples of Setups
10.) Bug Out Bag built on Ultra Light Equipment
11.) Bugging Out As A Group - Examples of Setups
12.) Urban Bug Out Bags
13.) Bug Out Bags for Women
14.) An Education - The Most Important Tool For a Bug Out?

Chapter Four - Bug In
1.) Bug In - An Introduction
2.) The Bug In Plan
3.) Surviving Fires and Fire Safety

Chapter Five
1.) Equipment list for your home – Check List
2.) Pocket Survival Kits
3.) Survival Knives
4.) Equipment and Techniques to start a Fire
5.) Scandinavian Survival Equipment
6.) Every Day Carry (EDC)
7.) Get Home Bag (GHB)
8.) Get Home Bags - Examples of Setups

Chapter Six
1.) Human Conflict, Wars and Survival
2.) Peace Building and State building missions
3.) Private Military Companies, Private Security Companies and Mercenaries

Chapter Seven – Weapons of Mass Destruction
1.) Biological Warfare and Disease
2.) Chemical Warfare
3.) Nuclear Weapons and Radioactive Dangers

Chapter Eight
1.) The Collapse of Civilizations and Societies: Part One
2.) The Collapse of Civilizations and Societies: Part Two

Chapter Nine
1.) Peak Oil
2.) Things That You Can Do In Order To Prepare For Peak Oil
3.) The Limits To Growth
4.) Is Peak Oil Already Here?

Chapter Ten - Natural Disasters
1.) Earthquakes
2.) Volcanoes
3.) Tsunami
4.) Hurricanes
5.) Tornado

Chapter Eleven - The Psychology of Survival
1.) The Basic Mindset for Survival

Chapter Twelve - For Swedish Survivalists
1.) For Swedish Survivalists

Chapter Thirteen - Movies, Videos and Books
1.) List of Survival Related Documentaries and Videos
2.) Survival Related Blogs and WebPages
3.) Recommended Books and Your Survival Library
4.) List of Companies That Makes Survival Related Equipment

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